Hi, I am Nazneen!


Broadwithoutborders.com is my blog. My favorite topic to write about is travel. But I like to write about career, education, cooking, dancing, coding, money, fashion what have you. My publications on this and other websites are on my Publications page. I’d specially like to thank my friend Rekha Arikere for offering me the opportunity to write for her website that got me thinking in this direction. I’d like to thank my family whose pictures I blatantly plagiarize, friends and just so many lovely people who have eagerly helped me through the way.

I work a full-time programming job in the United States. My job does not need me to travel at all. Vacation times vary in the US. I previously worked a job that gave me 3 weeks paid vacation and now one that gives me 2. Some companies do let you take unlimited paid vacation but in general, it is limited here. Also, I am an Indian national and have been the whole time I have been in the US since 2008. My passport makes it tricky to travel to some countries and not as much to some others as I will mention in my blogs and publications. I am on my way to getting a permanent residence in the US. Till that happens, I cannot end up unemployed and live legally in the US for over 2 months. I travel to places I want to go when I want to go. So I need to be very comfortable with solo travel. I spend frugally irrespective of how much I make. I like to do a lot of things so I am always short of time. Plus I want to watch my money as I have other priorities too. To sustain this lifestyle, I need a lot of research, sometimes over months where, when and how to travel, as an Indian national, solo woman, see the things I want to see in the time I have, be safe and have fun.

My goal is to share information I have worked hard to gather and apply so you don’t have to. Blogging is my hobby. You may not hear from me every week; only when I have something to say. I am hoping my articles will be fun to read, informative and save you some time.

A bit about me:

Places I have lived in:

  • Lived in Saudi Arabia as a toddler
  • I grew up in Mumbai, India
  • Went to grad school in Logan, Utah
  • I currently work in the Greater Seattle Area

Places I have traveled to:

  • Various States of the US
  • Canada
  • Various States of India
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Brazil
  • Japan

And miles to go before I sleep… I’d love a comment on my blogs, a like or a suggestion about anything you’d like me to write about. Feel free to leave me a message

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